— In the media: Will Artificial Intelligence learn to be biased?

Last week Motherboard published an article featuring a paper by PhD student Emiel van Miltenburg. (Later also published by the Dutch Motherboard.) Van Miltenburg found that the data that is commonly used to train automatic image description systems contain stereotypes and biases, leading to the question whether computers will be biased, too. Illustration from Stereotyping READ MORE

— Similarity & Relatedness

Similarity & Relatedness presentations by Marten Postma, Minh Le, Alessandro Lopopolo, and Emiel van Miltenburg. July 01, 2015 at VU Amsterdam Similarity and relatedness lie at the core of semantics. At CLTL, we study similarity and relatedness from different perspectives: linguistic perspective using WordNet hierarchy, mathematic perspective about evaluation, neurological perspective using brain wave recoding, READ MORE

— 1st VU-Spinoza Workshop ULM-2

ULM-2: Word, concept, perception and brain. Presentation by: Emiel van Miltenburg, MA & Alessandro Lopopolo, MA. Understanding language by machines 2 1st VU-Spinoza workshop October 17th 2014 View/download presentation by Emiel van Miltenburg, MA & Alessandro Lopopolo, MA ULM-2: Word, concept, perception and brain (pdf) Alessandro Lopopolo: “Semantics in the brain. Modal areas. The point READ MORE