— Similarity & Relatedness

Similarity & Relatedness presentations by Marten Postma, Minh Le, Alessandro Lopopolo, and Emiel van Miltenburg. July 01, 2015 at VU Amsterdam Similarity and relatedness lie at the core of semantics. At CLTL, we study similarity and relatedness from different perspectives: linguistic perspective using WordNet hierarchy, mathematic perspective about evaluation, neurological perspective using brain wave recoding, READ MORE

— NLP analysis of “The art of the Humanities – Graduation day 2014”

Introduction For every master student, there is one thing standing in between them and the end of their student life: “the thesis”. For months, or even years, a student tries to analyse a certain topic in the best way possible. And after this long and difficult journey, the student receives his reward at his graduation: READ MORE

— Open Source Dutch WordNet @CLIN 2015

At CLIN 2015, we presented Open Source Dutch Wordnet: (odwn_clin_2015) The project website can be found at: project website. Open Source Dutch WordNet is an open source version of Cornetto (Vossen et al., 2013). Cornetto is currently not distributed as open source, because a large portion of the database originates from the commercial publisher Van READ MORE

— SensEval/Semeval output from participant systems (WSD)

If you are interested in having the individual output at token level for all the participant systems in the last SensEval/SemEval WSD tasks, we can find then now in a simple and homogeneous XML format, easy to process. You will find more information in our results section or in https://github.com/rubenIzquierdo/sval_systems READ MORE

— DBPEDIA spotlight for KAF/NAF

If you are interested in extracting entities and their link to dbpedia entries, you should take a look to this module: https://github.com/rubenIzquierdo/dbpedia_ner It allows you to use a KAF or a NAF file with jus tokens and terms, calls to the DBPEDIA online webservice and extract entities and the link to dbpedia automatically. Given this portion of READ MORE