— Kids Talking with Robots. Workshops: Sat. Oct. 7 2017

Talking with robots

Weekend of Science Workshop for children between the ages of 10 and 12
Saturday Oct. 7 2017: 12:00 — 17:00 hrs, VU
Workshops: 12:00—12:15 ; 13:00—13:15 ; 14:00—14:15 ; 15:00—15:15 ; 15:30—15:45 ; 16:00—16:15 hrs.

VU website (in Dutch): ‘Activiteiten vanaf 10 jaar’

Weekend of ScienceVU University Research Fellow duo Selene Báez and Lenka Bajčetić together with Prof. dr. Piek Vossen guide children between the ages of 10 and 12 to try and teach a Pepper robot to speak.

WvdW_Rboto_AE2Through the media and digital assistants like Siri and Watson it may seem like robots can understand you, but do they really? When you try to teach a robot language, you will realise it’s really hard.

WvdW_Rboto_BW1The experiment will also make you wonder: how do people understand language? … Do we really understand each other?

WvdW_Rboto_BW2 Kids interact with a robot and discuss fundamental questions.


VU University Research Fellow 2017-2018
VU University Research Fellows Piek Vossen Lenka Bajčetić and Selene Báez Santamaría