— SensEval/Semeval output from participant systems (WSD)

If you are interested in having the individual output at token level for all the participant systems in the last SensEval/SemEval WSD tasks, we can find then now in a simple and homogeneous XML format, easy to process. You will find more information in our results section or in https://github.com/rubenIzquierdo/sval_systems READ MORE

— DBPEDIA spotlight for KAF/NAF

If you are interested in extracting entities and their link to dbpedia entries, you should take a look to this module: https://github.com/rubenIzquierdo/dbpedia_ner It allows you to use a KAF or a NAF file with jus tokens and terms, calls to the DBPEDIA online webservice and extract entities and the link to dbpedia automatically. Given this portion of READ MORE

— ULM1 participated at SemEval-2015 task #13: Multilingual WSD and Entity Linking

We started applying our ideas about the usage of the background information to develop a system able to perform WSD and Entity linking by using this kind of information. The task number 13 of the SemEval competition forum was selected to test our hypohesis: Multilingual WSD and Entity Linking Our main idea was to build READ MORE