‘Identity’, ‘Reference’ & ‘Perspective’ are concepts overarching the Understanding Language by Machines subprojects.

7981_MOV_00_38_Selene_Gavagai_eye‘Identity’ is a term used for the phenomenon that there are infinite different ways of cutting up the world in different things. Look at this room and tell me how many things are there in this room?”

7982_MOV_00_48_Selene_Toy_Car_sm‘Reference’ is a term used for the problem that there is not a one-to-one relation between the expressions in a language and the things in the world.”

7985_MOV_02_32_Selene_Apples-sm‘Perspective’ is the point of view from the source to the world.”

8008_MOV_00_37_Piek_800x450“That doesn’t mean that we are going to built thé machine that understands language in the end. Machines have extreme difficulties understanding language. Experimenting with machines (computers, robots…) and language touches upon very fundamental issues which are known for centuries as problems of what meaning is, and what understanding is… for humans.”